The excitement of an impending arrival is like nothing else...capturing it on film celebrates this time of your life forever. 


As I am getting older and my children are growing up, I am looking back at this time of my life with such nostalgia...the idea of creating a beautiful little time capsule in the form of images and a short film brings me so much happiness...because I know how much these moments will be treasured



Sleepless nights, snuggles, crying and endless all ends up melting into one messy, exhausting time of our lives and this is exactly why we need to capture it! 


It is such a blur that it can be difficult to remember all that happened - let me capture some of the magic for you to treasure forever!

I am delighted to now offer not only photo sessions for maternity & newborn...but also super 8 film sessions!  These can be done individually or as a package...if you need all the things...the package is for you!!