Rhiannon Matthews Photography

So what is Super 8 and why is it so wonderful I hear you ask?


Well it is the gentle, dreamy, expression of this film that pulls on the heartstrings.  It makes you want to watch it over and over again.  There is an authenticity to knowing these moments are being recorded on real celluloid and it is difficult to beat.


Super 8 captures the beauty in everything it records.  


It has a soft playful nature that just helps translate the love of a family into moving pictures.


It is the way the world captured family life for decades.  It is how family history was recorded for the generations that are now using a filter on their phones to recreate its beauty.


Making a Super 8 family film with me is an invitation to spend some time as a family.  To just be together and love one another.  I will capture it with the satisfying hum of my super 8 camera.  While it magically winds together a series of tiny little 8mm frames to show you how precious this life is....powerful eh?


I cannot wait to share this beauty with you and your family.  I will show you how wonderful your family is simply because you are you!